100eats Strategies

  • Create Cohesive Communication
    All marketing strategies will be aligned with Social Media, Ad Buying, Media Relations efforts and will potentially reach new audiences through engaging imagery and communicating brand relatability - will be achieved by collaborating with Fresh Brothers creative team.
  • Find New Advertising Opportunities
    Establish new lines of marketing that are in line with brand goals, and make use of already-established partnerships with publications

Media Relations Strategies

  • Press Releases for New Store Openings
    Alert and invite local news media contacts to the newest Fresh Brothers locations in the SoCal community, targeting directly the media that makes the most sense for the opening.
  • Personal Invitations for Exclusive Media Openings & Events
    Curating a list of social media influencers and writers that would be interested in attending and promoting a local restaurant opening. Following up when possible to acquire content and set up contacts when unavailable to attend events.  Tying food bloggers mainly to product launches as those are the main purpose they would engage with the brand.
  • Individual Media Dining Experiences
    Interactive one-on-one dining with Team 100eats members at Fresh Brothers, building relationships with the Fresh Brothers brand in focus. Provides a connection between the restaurant's brand and the Media's in-person experience. Mainly for the news media as they prefer an intimate and exclusive experience.
  • Targeted Media
    Sending a local news writer to an event about tots may not have the strongest impact on their platforms and may prevent them from coverage that may be more parallel to their target audience.  Diversifying the ways we interact with media and tailoring the brands voice to the needs of the media from writers, to influencers, to bloggers will maximize the attention we get from their channels.
  • Finding New Ways to Connect with Media
    Sending personalized branded gifts and be memorable when connecting with local and regional publications.
  • Targeted Pitching
    Selecting the writers and publications issuing content that is most cohesive to the brand and giving them the tools they need to communicate to their audience
  • Outreach Diversification
    The product speaks for itself, but finding new ways to stay interesting and relevant to media will continue to be important.  Through gifts and experiences we can interest the media continue to be at the front of their interest if we find new ways to communicate our news.
  • Syndicated Editorial Features
    Integrating Fresh Brothers within our syndicated story pitches, when possible, to be sent to our syndication partners (Foodbeast, Locale Magazine, OC Foodie Fest).
  • Spending Media Dollar
    Having the message of social and media outreach be translated in the paid media is important to help connect a consumer to connect the brand to its other efforts.  Targeting local papers for neighborhood openings, and spend on experiential marketing and digital media spend on trending digital platforms to move more "food porn" initiatives, really targeting the specific campaigns to the people that will see them and how they will respond.

Social Media Strategies

  • Reach New Audiences through Social Networks
    Expanding the Fresh Brothers brand reach and prevalence in the food-fanatic social media scene.
  • Showcase Quality Imagery
    Using our algorithm tools to allow individuals to interact with the brand and encourage a sense of brand loyalty.
  • Curate Engaging Content in line with Marketing and Media Relations Strategies
     Maximize brand awareness and make a bigger impact with each strategic post really targeting specific groups in the correct ways for maximum impact
  • Boost Sharable Content
    Content that looks like an ad must be boosted in order to be seen, but tends to have a very low share rate.  By creating engaging, lifestyle based content with the verbiage we are looking for, increases the sharability and furthers the movement of the sponosred posts.