Social Media Report: March Recap

Volume of Posts:
 3-4 Weekly
Likes: 2,087 at the end of February. Up 1% 
Total Reach: The number of people who were served any activity from your page, including your posts, posts to your page by other people, mentions and check-ins 

Post Reach: The number of people your posts were served to

Total Page Likes: Total number of likes for your page. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 9.02.41 PM.png

Most Popular Posts: Posts that reach the most people

Facebook Fans: Top international, national, local

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 9.21.22 PM.png

Average Reach: Top international, national, local 

Average Monthly Engagement: The people who have liked, commented on, or shared your posts or engaged with your Page. Top international, national, local 

Volume of Posts: 3-4 Weekly
Followers: 2,707 at the end of February - up 14%
Monthly Likes: 2,020 
Monthly Comments: 115
Most Popular Posts: Posts that received the most likes on the @shuckoysterbar account