We incorporate two types of promotional strategies simultaneously to help us maximize the promotion we get from our clients.

Continuous Strategy

Media CYcle

Each publication has their own cycle of publishing.  We keep record of the publications we work with and match our pitches to when they will be looking to write the stories that will be published.

National Day Calendar

National Holidays, especially food holidays are a great way to connect national media to the local and regional brands we represent.

Trending Story Pitches

Everyday, new topics and stories become more popular as more media picks them up.  We not only work with publications to know what will be trending, but also forward that information to our clients to maximize our reach.

Targeted Event Strategy

Local News

Each city has a several publications or writers that are dedicated to breaking the story of what is impacting the local community.  We target these publications and writers to give them the news they are looking for.

Bloggers and High Influencing Instagram accounts

Working with local influencers that are trusted by consumers is important to bringing your brand to the eyes of your community.  We consistently connect with these individuals and bring them in to feature the items and things that will resonate with their audience.

Local and National Lifestyle publications

People always want to know where to go and what to eat.  We target these publications, local and national, which distribute this information and get our clients recognized in the categories that have the best fit and highest impact.