How You Can Be in OOZEFEST

Food Vendors are required to:

  • In addition to your menu, you must have at least (1) Item that must contain a cheese or cream product and have a noteworthy, notable quality, and suitable for editorial coverage as determined by FOODBEAST editorial staff. (100eats/FOODBEAST will happily give feedback on potential ideas)

  • Must be items exclusive to this FOODBEAST event.

  • Your FOODBEAST item should be sold for no more than $10. The rest of your menu can be sold at your normal cost.

  • Bring your own equipment, plates and cutlery, and staff to execute the product day of event.

  • Have a high resolution photo of the proposed FOODBEAST item along with the rest of your menu sent to for promotion sent in by September 15 in order to receive the full amount of promotion. Photos will still be accepted after the September 15 date. (our team of photographers are available to shoot upon request)

  • Vendor Packet signed digitally by September 15.

  • $750 booth fee is required to participate in both days (due by September 5th). Additional advertisement is available through FOODBEAST for all participants.

  • You are allowed to sell food products from your booth, But all sales are taxable from the county and the city. You will need to have a City Business License.

  • Post event, you will need to submit your tax information to the Board of Equalization to pay your county and city taxes. Not submitting tax info is against the law.

  • Health Permit is also mandatory for every booth to be serving food on site of the event. You can be placed under Inspire Artistic Minds Health Permit for an additional cost of $300 which will include all items need for health compliance. ( If you are a food truck or have a off site catering permit, you must submit a copy to for validation with health department )

FOODBEAST and the 100eats team is responsible for:

  • Listing food and beverage vendors on Event landing Page. (approx. reach: 1 million, approx. value: $5,000)
  • Pre-Event Roundup Post of every vendor that has submitted a photo and registered
  • Pre-Event Social (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) on all editorially approved cheese items (approx. reach 1 million, approx. value: $700)
  • Live Periscoping from Event
  • Pre-Event Individual Editorial Posts surrounding specific items and vendors. (assuming vendors meet photo/newsworthy criteria)
  • Provide food and beverage vendors with a 10 x 10 space for day of event and engaging your brand with 5,000 people each day.  Supplying you with (1) 10 X 10 booth space.( Table, Chairs, EZ-UP, Ice, and Electricity will all be available UPON REQUEST)
  •  ( approx. reach 1k, approx. value: $5,000)
  • Non-Guaranteed syndication to our partners (previously recorded reach 8.5 million, previously recorded value: $40,000)
  • Top Items and vendors mentioned in local press outreach
  • Select FOODBEAST favorites will also be chosen for FOODBEAST video production to launch on Facebook and Instagram
  • If you are interested in how to receive additional promotion through the FOODBEAST platforms please email us at
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