FOODBEAST.com is a national food publication leading the millennial generation into the outrageous food era.  FOODBEAST has prided itself in being the leader on food news and edible trends.  FOODBEAST has created relationships with some of the strongest media outlets in the country (i.e. Huffington Post, Zagat, Elite Daily, etc.), receives over 4 million unique website visitors monthly, and has built a social media following towering at over 1 million connected users.

100eats has now partnered with FOODBEAST to connect the general public with the newsworthy, drool-worthy food that has garnished so much attention.


Pizza Cannoli - FOODBEAST

OOZEFEST will be the premiere cheese festival in Southern California.  We want to pull together some of the best food geniuses around and have them create newsworthy gnashes that will be seen by the nation and tasted by 5,000 lucky people each day from around the area that are looking to grab a real taste of the food that makes you say "WOW".

We are looking to have 40 food and drink vendors that are willing to challenge themselves and create something over the top delicious, interesting, and aesthetic.  We hope to push these items and the vendors creating them, not only to the 5,000 attending individuals each day, but to the 2.7 million FOODBEAST social media followers, the 9 million unique web visitors, and to the eyes of our media partners and their Millions of followers (KTLA 5, CBS 2, FOX 11, etc.)


Steak and Eggs Taco (with pan fried cheese instead of tortilla) - FOODBEAST

The event is expected to take place from 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday October 15th & 16th in Orange County.