The 100eats company's Social Media Department and Media Relations Team will showcase Marketing Initiatives cohesively to effectively impact the Fresh Brothers audience. 


  • Media Relations Objectives - Communicate the parallels of our brand to national food news while also sharing the impact to each community and its influencers
    Reach multiple audiences including local families, young adults/millennials, health-conscious community, etc
    Create wide-reach campaigns that partner with social media and marketing initiatives
    Spend Media Dollars to guarantee coverage in a very targeted way.
  • Social Media Objectives - Communicate brand Initiatives in a fun and connectable way to help achieve brand goals
    Create lifestyle content that is engaging and eye-catching
    Through imagery, evoke the need to share and be part of the Fresh Brothers conversation
    Mindfulness of social algorithms to allow for the most brand exposure, including monitoring disengaging content
  • Community Integration - Connect the local and regional target audience to the brand through experience
    Partner with large scale regional events to not only gather interest from new consumers, but piggy back on event promotional plan
    Connect with local businesses and organizations that can impact a brand and introduce the brand to them in hopes they share in their own circle.


  • New Location Openings
    • Irvine 2 - January
  • New Menu Items
    • Pizza Tots
  • Brand Awareness
    • Local & Regional