All contracts are on a 6-month basis. Services are given after payment is made.  Contract automatically renews when 7th invoice is paid, but can be reassessed, as need is stronger during the opening of an establishment. Connecting media doesn't guarantee coverage.  We believe in an open communication system, and will alway convey our thoughts about the direction of promotions and hope you will communicate with us when you are looking for something specific, in hopes that we can do the task the best for you. Pricing can be revisited after the contract has termed. Contract can be cancelled within the first 30 days by either party.

Photos taken during the duration of the contract by the 100eats team is the property of 100eats to be able to execute the contract.  Clients before or after the contract has termed have the option to purchase the photos for their own promotional use at the current client rate.  Clients who purchase a photo session, separate from their contract or retainer agreement, have unlimited rights and usage to the photos taken during that particular session.

Integrity Clause

We have spent half a decade associating our brand with the most influential, creative and forward-thinking eateries in the area.  We expect that the restaurants that we partner with will be hospitable, create an experience that stays true to the needs of the community, and serve food made with passion.  Ultimately anything that can be considered an inconsistency or not moving in a forward direction will be considered a lack of quality on the restaurant's part, and we will assess our partnership and adjust the agreement as necessary.

Honesty Clause

Open communication is a vital part of any partnership.  We want to know where you hope to see yourself, what your vision is, and how we can help you get to where you want to be.  We also will share our thoughts on everything from menu creation to interior design in hopes that you reach the audience you are looking for.


Please contact Bobby Navarro at bobby@100eats.com with any questions or concerns on services and pricing.  We are looking forward to working with you.


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End of Contract Term
All terms are six months and prorated till the first of the month when the contract term begins. For example, if your contract began mid December, we would prorate with an adjusted December invoice and begin your 6 month contract January 1. In this example, the contract term would be till August 1.
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