WHERE Mag Feature: Culinary Kaleidoscope

WHERE Mag article highlights 4th Street Market and its vendors in their 4 page food hall article

WHERE Magazine

"Culinary Kaleidoscope"

Published on: August 29, 2016

Highlights from this article:
"In the heart of revitalized downtown Santa Ana -- aka DTSA -- 4th Street Market, has an undeniable urban cool that sets it apart in a county better known for theme parks and beaches. The vendors reflect the influence of O.C.'s pioneering gourmet food truck movement as the indie startups transition to brick and mortar."

Approximate Reach: Social Following - 95k / Approx. Website Impressions - 170k / Print Impressions - 240k / E-Mail Blast - 15k) + 3 Full page print with front cover page viewed by 117,000 readers, published monthly

Estimated Value: $3,000 - $6,000

Read the full Article: https://issuu.com/socalmedia/docs/woc_fa16_web, and on pages 18-20 of the Fall Issue of WHERE