Foodbeast Christmas

Event: Foodbeast Christmas Party

Date: December 11, 2015

Location: 4th Street Market

Time of Event: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

100eats reached out to all tenants inside of the 4th street market about creating an exclusive item for the date and time of this event to be on display and sold to Foodbeast guests and other customers.

Foodbeast utilized the liquor license at 4th street market to sale PBR at $3 a beer to Foodbeast guests. We sold 44 total beers coming to a cost of $132. We also created a cocktail to give to all of Foodbeast guests and we will be paying a total $100 for the cocktail creation. We owe a total of $232 for the use of alcohol for the Foodbeast Christmas Party.

All tenants created a “Foodbeast Food Item” and had them on display for all guests to see.


The top 5 influencers that were attending the event and posted content reached approx 500,000 people alone.

  • DailyfoodFeed- 173K followers

  • FoodwithMichael- 80K followers

  • Foodbeast- 357K followers

  • Stirandstyle- 43.5K followers

  • Missfoodieproblems- 59K followers

With all of the other influencers that were present we feel that the overall reach came to approx. 1 Million views.

The Photos included tagged restaurants and 4SM, geotag of restaurants and 4SM, hashtags of restaurants and 4SM. The photos themselves were of the food specials, the restaurants, 4SM, and FB Kitchen.

Total value for this event was approx $25,000